January 5, 2017 8:46 am

It’s the start of a new year, so you know what that means; people are hitting the gym, saving money, and eating healthier to make themselves better in 2017. You’re a hardworking inventor, so you’re probably committing to some of these resolutions, but it’s also important for you to commit yourself to something more – your invention idea. This New Year, commit yourself to these 3 resolutions and goals to help your invention evolve and improve.

Complete Your Prototype

Drawings and descriptions of your invention can be helpful, but what really sets you apart from the rest is having a working and complete prototype. Having a professional prototype will help show how serious you are about your invention. Fortunately, 3D printing makes creating a prototype very easy. Contact a local maker’s studio and ask about programs that will help you create a 3-D printed prototype. InventHelp can also help you design and create a prototype for your invention.

Revamp Your Elevator Pitch

New year, new pitch? If you’ve been repeating your same elevator pitch for a while, it may be getting a little dry. When you repeat the same information many times, it’s easy for you to sound a little robotic or boring. In the New Year, rewrite and revamp your elevator pitch so it is exciting for you to perform to a friend, family member, or business prospect. When rewriting your pitch, be sure to include all the essentials: the hook, value statements, stats or data, uniqueness, and a call to action. When you try out your revamped pitch on your friends and family, they’ll be sure to notice the excitement in your words and on your face. Sometimes all you need is some new material to bring your invention to life!

Do a Market Analysis

Some markets and trends can change every couple of months, so the New Year is a great time to complete a new market analysis. This involves considering the trends, consumption, users, and types of products in your invention’s industry. A market analysis can help you to determine differentiation factors, pricing, manufacturing costs, and marketing strategies for your invention idea. A market analysis requires a lot of in-depth research. To get started with a market analysis, check out: The United States Census Bereau, marketability calculators, or visit your local library’s business section. InventHelp can also help you with your market analysis.

To start off the New Year on the right foot, remember to commit yourself and your resolutions to your invention idea. By completing your prototype, revamping your elevator pitch, and doing a market analysis, you could improve and make progress with your invention. Best of luck!

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