September 21, 2010 1:17 pm

InventHelp’s Invention Girl knows it takes a lot of work to stay healthy. You have to consistently track information like your weight, total body fat and body mass index. To monitor your weight with a traditional scale, you pretty much need to carry a calculator and a notebook each time you step on it to keep track of all the different numbers. That’s too much work for InventHelp’s Invention Girl!

The Withings Body Scale is a simple device that’s packed with technology. It’s a digital, wireless scale that looks similar to the traditional kind. It uses WiFi to send your weight, BMI and body fat to your computer or iPhone when stepped on. Withings includes a free internet service that is an extension of the scale that includes detailed charts, graphs and data to help your manage your weight loss better. This information is automatically stored together in a private online account to clearly show your progress. It also has an option to post your information to your Twitter account (InventHelp’s Invention Girl will not be using this feature!) Of course, if you just wanted to step on and check your weight you can do that as well.

Withings comes in black and white and retails for around $160. Do you think this gadget would help you achieve your weight loss goal?

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