November 5, 2010 1:34 pm

InventHelp’s Invention Girl is an advocate for letting the creative juice flow – no matter when they happen to strike. I’m not sure about you, but It seems as though I always get inspired at the most inconvenient times!

For example, I had an “ah-ha!” moment the other day when taking my morning shower. Unfortunately, by the time I had dried off, my innovative thought was long gone. The Waterproof Shower Notebook will let you avoid what happend to me and keep your brilliant ideas from being lost down the drain. The notebook comes with 80 tear out, no-smudge pages so you can take your ideas with you as well.

It also comes equipped with a waterproof carbon pencil that’s attached to the notebook. No worries about losing it down the drain! Another handy feature is that the pencil strap can also be used to hang the notebook from the shower or door hook.

In addition to using this in the shower, it’s also great for brainstorming at the pool or beach. So inventors and artists, don’t let a little water hinder your creativity again!

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