January 11, 2016 2:20 pm

Cold winter months mean freezing temperatures, large amounts of snowfall, and icy conditions. Many different inventors have attempted to come up with new ways to cope with the cold weather by creating inventions to stay warm. These four products make it easier to get through the harsh winter.

The Beardo

Designed for both winter fun and warmth, the Beardo brings a new style of beanie to many attempting to stay cozy in the cold weather. Canadian snowboarder, Jeff Phillips, designed the Beardo prototype out of an old knit scarf. He later improved and patented the product to what is now sold to a variety of cold-weather enthusiasts. Although the company has expanded to a variety of products designed to keep your face and head heated, the original bearded hat design remains a best seller. A knitted beanie is attached to a knitted beard that covers the wearer’s face as a regular beard would. It did not take long for this invention to become a hit. With the growing popularity of beards, and the functionality and warmth that facial hair provides, the Beardo has become incredibly popular among snowboarders, outdoor workers, professional athletes, and more. Both men, women, and children are able to enjoy the Beardo and the warm fun this product delivers.

HeatTrak Snow Melting Mats

For many who live in cold weather climates, snow and ice removal is the number one problem during the winter months. Each year, many are affected by snow that builds up on their sidewalks, steps, and pathways. Elderly people, individuals with disabilities, and many others who are unable to remove snow and ice from their property desperately needed a solution. The inventors of the HeatTrak created an incredible product for dangerous walkways. Their patented HeatTrak mats are perfect for steps and pathways outside of both homes and businesses. These heated mats melt away snow and ice, leaving a safe path for walkers. A chevron design on the surface of each mat provides extra traction. HeatTrak mats are a great invention for anyone struggling with snow and ice removal this winter.

Starbucks® Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Winter is a time for staying inside, cuddling by the fire, and enjoying a delicious cup of hot chocolate. Over one million cups of this classic winter beverage are made during the winter months. Luckily for hot chocolate fans, Starbucks Coffee has created a convenient product for making a quick cup of hot chocolate. Starbucks® Hot Chocolate on a Stick Gift Set is a wonderfully delicious way to brew a delectable cup of chocolatey warmth. This gift set includes two wooden spoons, one covered in milk chocolate and one covered in dark. Marshmallows are also included to create a cup of famous Starbucks hot chocolate in the comfort of your own home. You can purchase this item both online and at your local Starbucks location.

Heated Winter Glove

Frozen fingers are no fun when trying to enjoy an exciting winter day outside. Average gloves do not always provide enough warmth during intensely cold months. Canadian inventor, Ken Cheung, changed the way we warm up our hands with his heated glove liners. Originally designed for cyclists during the winter, MOTIONHeat Rechargeable Heated Glove Liners are a great way for anyone to maintain toasty hands. These thin, form-fitting liners heat up quickly using a 12 volt power source. The gloves also contain temperature control, reaching up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of seconds. Your fingers will never go cold with this innovative winter apparel.

If winter problems include staying warm or removing snow, these warm inventions are perfect for anyone. Dealing with low temperatures and bad winter storms can be tough on anyone, but if you have the right tools and products, you will survive the winter with ease.

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