October 18, 2010 1:04 pm

InventHelp’s Invention Girl knows that when you’re traveling, moving to a new city or going away to college, it can be difficult to find great local places to eat on a budget. Nobody wants to waste their time driving around looking for places or doing numerous internet searches with minimal luck.

UEatCheap.com lets users quickly find great places to eat for $10 or less (per person) in their area. The simple setup of the site makes it easy to find restaurants in any city. Deciding where to eat is really convenient as you can search by city, zip code and food category. To use the site, just type in your zip code, the search radius and what kind of food you’re looking for. U Eat Cheap will instantly populate a Google Map with nearby restaurants that have entrees for $10 or less in your desired category. You can focus on a spot as specific as a half-mile in radius or take a look at what’s available within 10 miles of your selected location.

There are over 20 different restaurants categories to choose from and the results are displayed with colored tacks on the interactive map. For example, Italian has a red tack, Greek has purple, etc. Clicking on the tack will give you the name, address, category and website (if submitted) of the restaurant.

Know of great place that’s not listed on the site? Users have the ability to add new restaurants, as well as rate and review listed restaurants. Signing up with UEatCheap.com allows you to receive coupons and updates of new restaurants in your area for free!

So go ahead, bon appétit for cheap!

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