March 28, 2017 11:38 am

Many inventors are trend setters – they have a knack for anticipating what products people will want and create them as that need arises. However, this isn’t just because of some sort of magical intuition they have. Trend-setting inventors put in a lot of work to think of and create new products. By paying attention to the current trends, inventors can observe what trends people enjoy, notice gaps in product offerings, and determine what ideas and features will be trendy in the near future. To anticipate what will be popular in the future, you have to be educated about what is popular now. So, how can you stay educated on current product trends?

Browse Crowdfunding Sites

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo host product campaigns from some of the most innovative creators in the biz. By browsing these sites, especially their “what’s popular” and “nearly funded” sections, you can easily determine what types of products people are seeking out and supporting. This could help trigger you to think of ways you can improve on your invention or get the gears turning for your next idea.

Follow Social Media Pages

Companies and brands like to keep their customers up-to-date by sharing engaging content on social media. Follow tech, innovation, and product development companies so you can interact with their latest content on a daily basis. Be sure to follow brands like Apple and Microsoft, but also include pages such as TrendHunter, which regularly posts trends in innovation. There is also a group function on Facebook and a quick search reveals many groups that discuss inventions, innovation, and trends. Be sure to follow InventHelp on Facebook, too!

Talk About It with Friends

One of the best ways to learn is by talking to other people who share your interests. Many people are interested in trends because they fall within the popular culture. If there’s a new tech trend you have been following, strike up a conversation with a friend. They may have an opinion on it or they may have seen another innovation they think you would enjoy. By building up your network of friends who are interested in trends and innovations, you’ll be exposed to new thoughts and ideas and be able to discuss them with your peers.

Paying attention to trends can help inspire you to create new inventions. By browsing crowdfunding sites, following brands on social media, and discussing innovation with friends, you can get your daily dose of inventions and increase your creativity.

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