January 16, 2020 10:51 am

If you’ve been lucky enough to attend the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, you know how remarkable and massive the show truly is. Every year, hundreds of thousands of attendees flock to Las Vegas, Nevada to see what the biggest names in tech have to show off for the new year. Samsung, Microsoft, Mercedes, and many more were there displaying their latest innovations.

While trekking through the crowds of CES I kept my eyes peeled for the coolest gadgets and products to try out and explore. Some of my favorites ranged from hair care products to baby products to farming products. Here were some of the coolest products I found at CES 2020.

The Rolling Companion Robot

CES 2020

Samsung Ballie

Samsung is legendary at CES for having one of the largest, most elaborate booths at the show. There were tons of new products on display, including The Wall, a nearly 300 inch television. As a Star Wards fan, what caught my eye was what looked like a real-life BB-8: Ballie, the cute rolling robot that looks more like a small yellow ball than a sophisticated smart companion.

Ballie is capable of being more like a friend with a camera to record and store special life moments. It can also help around the house by interacting with smart home technology. For example, Ballie can turn on your robot vacuum. This cute and tiny robot can also recognize voice commands and the human form, allowing for a more intelligent connection with its human owners.

Eco-Friendly Farming Equipment

CES 2020

John Deere

With a growing need for environmentally responsible products in almost every product category, the technology industry has responded in a big way. Around every corner, you could spot new innovation that could help build a better planet. John Deere, one of the largest manufacturers of farming equipment, brought its massive self-propelled sprayer with an extra-wide 120-foot carbon-fiber boomer to promote farming productivity and sustainability. This sprayer can optimize the best use of the land, water, and soil resulting in less waste.

“We all want to have the greatest and cleanest environment,” says Matt Olson, a John Deere representative at CES. He went on to explain that no one knows that better than the farmer. John Deere’s goal at CES was to make people more aware of agriculture and the overall necessity for tech in farming, and with such a large piece of farming equipment on display, they were hard to miss out on.

The Smart Bassinet

CES 2020

4moms mamaRoo sleep bassinet

Fellow Pittsburgh based company, 4Moms, was exhibiting their new technology at CES 2020. The company became well known with the “mamaRoo,” an infant seat that replicates the natural motions of a parent. This technology helps to calm the baby in a sleep environment they are familiar with.

4Moms took this same technology and incorporated it into its new mamaRoo sleep bassinet. This new bassinet was on display at CES and was an honoree of the innovation awards this year. Just like the original mamaRoo, this bassinet comforts your baby with unique motions like a car ride or a tree swing. With the bassinet, your baby can now sleep through the night with the same technology. Parents can easily control the bassinet using the 4Moms app, allowing themselves and their baby to get some much-needed sleep.

The Smart Hair Dryer

CES 2020

Tineco MODA ONE S – Smart Hair Dryer

I was on my way out of the show when I spotted what looked like a mini hair salon set up at one of the booths. A professional hair stylist was giving blow-outs with what looked like a hair dryer from another planet. The beauty lover in me couldn’t resist – so I signed up to try it out.

While getting my hair dried and styled, the stylist gave me the 411 on what was called the MODA ONE S, a smart hair dryer by Tineco that detects your hair’s moisture and adjusts the heat and air flow accordingly. The result? From personal experience, I can attest that my hair was smoother, shinier, and had more volume without using any extra product.

CES is always an exciting time for techies and fans of the electronics industry. Often times, what we see at CES lays the groundwork for what the industry has in store. Companies get the chance to show off new products, get feedback from the public, and get inspired to innovate and invent. For us consumers, it’s a time to get excited for what new products to expect in the future!

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