September 1, 2010 1:34 pm

The Clean Remote

Everyone assumes that the dirtiest place in a hotel room is the bedspread. In reality, the remote actually has more germs than the comforter, sink and even the toilet. So when you’re flipping through the channels, you could catch more than the local news.

Hotels across the country are starting to carry The Clean Remote, the remote designed to resist bacteria and germs. Best Western has even endorsed the remote and will carry it in its entire chain. This remote has been clinically tested and has 99% less germs than traditional remotes with the same amount of usage. The spill-proof, easy to wipe and non-porous surface makes the remote easy to clean and sterilize. Since it’s a flat surface, there’s no place for germs to hide and fester. It can be easily wiped down with standard cleaning products.

The Clean Remote is also available for home use. It’s compatible with all cable and satellite boxes and over 200 brands of TVs, including new flat screens. The Clean Remote has a convenient hidden battery compartment which reduces the risk of batteries falling out and getting lost. If you do take out the batteries, the remote doesn’t need to be reprogrammed.

Retailing at less than $15 each, InventHelp’s Invention Girl is hoping that more hotels follow Best Western’s lead!

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