February 5, 2016 10:05 am

Last year, the Super Bowl was the most-watched show in U.S. television history. Will Super Bowl 50 regain the title? On Sunday, get together with family and friends to watch the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers battle it out for Super Bowl rings and the Lombardi Trophy. But, what is a tailgate party without “gameday” gadgets and gear? Check out these last minute splurge food, drink and entertainment products you might need for the big game.

Portable Grill

Bring the tailgate party inside this winter with the Cookout Crusader Portable Grill. You can still have the luxury of BBQ grilling when the snow falls to the ground. The stainless steel case, which resembles a briefcase, makes it easy to transport the grill to each Super Bowl party you attend.

The Go Plate

There is finally a plate that lets you balance your food and drink in one hand. Watch the game without the worry of dropping and spilling your snack foods all over the place. The Go Plate attaches to almost any cup, bottle, can or glass so your plate is able to sit safely on top. Now, each person can have their own personal plate with compartments for every snack while watching the big game!

HD Smart TV

With technology emerging day after day, televisions are being invented which can make you feel like you are on the sidelines of the field. The Samsung 4K SUHD TV will redefine your viewing experience while watching the game, commercials and half-time performances. To experience the depth of the screen’s picture, the television curves on the sides. Included with the smart TV is a built in camera to Skype and take photos. Take a picture of you and your own squad celebrating the Super Bowl victory!

AV Receiver

As much as you want to indulge in the game to the point you can hear the impact of the linemen’s collision on the field , the real reason why you need the best audio system is to hear the half-time performers take the stage. The Anthem MRX 310 will let you hear the game and performances so clear with a full-HD surround-sound you would think you were in the stands. The system includes HDMI ports, remote control apps for iOS and Android, as well as dual speaker configuration to name a few. Turn the game up loud, and Beyoncé even louder, because we all know she’s the real reason you need this device.

Projector on the go

Have you and your friends still not decided on where to throw the Super Bowl Party? Bring the big screen with you anywhere you go with the Brookstone Pocket Projector Pro. The mobile projector lets you bring the game to life on the wall in front of you. The game is not only being televised, but you can watch it live from different websites and apps. All you have to do is connect your computer, tablet or smartphone with an HDMI cable.


Everyone gathers around the TV for the National Anthem, but after a few minutes of the first quarter people start lingering to different areas of the house. Be prepared to have the game streaming from different rooms using your tablet and smartphone devices. Slingbox offers special deals to let you see every play of the game in every room which doesn’t have a television.

Corkcicle Chillsner

The game and commercials, plus the halftime show, is a long time to let your drink sit. Even though you may have more than one, let them last longer with the Corkcicle Chillsner. This product lets you chill your beer, wine cooler or old-fashioned glass bottle to the very last sip. The Chillsner freezes for 45 minutes before use and then can be inserted in the bottle. Enjoy your favorite beverage while screaming at the television for your favorite team.

The FoodSaver

You are now able to keep your leftover food fresh while sending it home with guests without losing your Tupperware containers! The FoodSaver 2-In-1 Vacuum Sealing System helps prevent you from wasting your Super Bowl appetizers and snacks. The device is fully-automatic and senses the food-type and bag to create the best seal. The vacuum technology combines the items with a heat-seal which is compatible with plastic bags, containers, canisters, jar-sealers and more!


The game is finally over and it’s time to get home, but have you had a little too much to drink? The Alcohoot is a device and app created for people to be smarter and heathier when drinking alcohol. The mobile breathalyzer enables you to measure your blood alcohol level. The app tracks your results, can order you a taxi and provides you with restaurants nearby. Drink responsibly this weekend and make sure to drive home safe.

With these inventions and apps let Super Bowl Sunday be a day of fun with entertainment, food, drinks and friends. So, are you rooting for the Broncos or the Panthers to bring home the title?


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