February 20, 2020 2:46 pm

It seems crazy to believe that a new decade is already here! We’re saying “goodbye” to the 2010s – the decade that gave us the iPad, hoverboards, smart watches, and self-driving cars – because it’s time to say hello to the 2020’s! The biggest question that we’ll be asking: what will this decade bring for innovation?

Although this new decade can be exciting for innovation, it can also leave inventors scratching their heads and wondering where to even begin. Here are some helpful inventor tips to help you get started in the new decade!

Take Advantage of New Technology

One of the best parts about being an inventor is taking advantage of the latest technology. There are so many great new ways to create, perfect, and eventually market your invention idea. The best part? All of these can be done by using the latest in technology.

Let’s say you have an idea for a new style of pen. Need a prototype? You can now use 3D printing technology to make a prototype model that displays the design of the new pen. Need a way to show it off? Creating a website is now easier than ever with web development software.  How about marketing the pen? Social media advertising is now one of the largest forms of advertising! We’re sure to see even more new ways to move forward with your idea in the coming decade.

Stay Informed on Current Trends

We live in a society that is ever changing and growing. There will always be new social trends, clothing trends, and most importantly for an inventor, consumer trends. Looking back at different decades, it is easy to look at certain products and pinpoint exactly what decade they came from.

For example, the Walkman was an iconic product that helped define the 1980’s, but its creation was no accident. A trend for the love of music and the ability to have music on you wherever you go helped create this product that was a staple of the 80’s. The lesson? Not to forget that trends can be an important part of developing a new invention idea. 

Allow Yourself to be Creative

It can be frustrating in a busy world to find the time to allow yourself to be creative. This is especially true for inventors who have full time jobs, families, and other important obligations. You might even look at inventing as a hobby or something you enjoy doing in your free time – but even so, don’t you owe it to yourself to find time to do so?

One of the best ways to ensure that you will allow yourself to be creative with your invention idea is to schedule it in! Write it in your planner, put it in your calendar on your phone, whatever you have to do to make sure you give yourself that time! It’s so easy to say you’re too busy, but by making it a priority, it will become a part of your daily or weekly routine.

Everyone wants to make a resolution or multiple resolutions for a new year. But doesn’t a new decade allow for more than just the usual “eat better” or “exercise more”? Sure, these are great aspirations, but it’s time to think out of the box for the new decade and get started with your invention idea!

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