November 27, 2007 5:53 pm

Thanksgiving TurkeyIt’s hard for all of us at InventHelp to believe that the holidays are upon us! Last Thursday, millions of Americans feasted on turkey dinner, watched the football game and enjoyed time with family and friends.

Even after we’ve all had our fill (I had at least two helpings, let’s be honest here), there are always leftovers. How many of you packed turkey sandwiches or turkey soup for lunch today?

If you’re like one inventor, leftovers equal opportunity.

From our InventHelp trivia files, here’s how one resourceful inventor found use for 270 tons of leftover Thanksgiving turkey:

Gerald Thomas, an executive with the C.A. Swanson & Sons company, was presented with a challenge. Swanson had 10 refrigerated railroad cars, each holding more than 500,000 pounds of unsold turkey, traveling back and forth across the country because warehouse storage space was scarce. Thomas, inspired by the trays used for airline foods, had a revolutionary invention idea.

In 1954, the first TV dinner, featuring turkey, corn bread dressing and gravy, buttered peas and sweet potatoes, was created. Coasting off the growing public fascination with television, Swanson sold an estimated 10 million dinners at a price of 98 cents each. InventHelp’s Invention Girl agrees – 10 million dinners is no small potatoes!

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