August 10, 2010 9:39 am

The Temperature Regulating Sheets

InventHelp’s Invention Girl strives to regularly get her 8 hours of sleep. Sometimes that can be hard because temperature changes during the night can leave me tossing and turning.

The Temperate Regulating Sheets make sure that you’re not burning up or freezing cold in the middle of the night. These sheets were originally created for astronauts to help them adapt to extreme temperature fluctuations using NASA technology. The sheets have millions of invisible microcapsules that soak up excess heat when you’re hot and release that stored heat on you when you‘re cold. The sheets allow two sleepers to stay comfortable simultaneously throughout the night. The microcapsules adjust independently to each person’s climate, creating the perfect sleeping environment.

Don’t assume these sheets are rough and scratchy either. The 350-thread count makes them extremely soft and luxurious. The Temperate Regulating Sheets are also machine-washable, naturally antibacterial and odor-resistant.

InventHelp’s Invention Girl thinks these sheets will be perfect for when the seasons begin to change and the weather can become unpredictable!

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