December 15, 2016 1:48 pm

Holiday parties are a time for food, friends, drinks, and conversation. But, if you’re like most inventors, your invention and goals are always on your mind, regardless of what party or merriment is happening around you. You’re persistently looking to sneak your invention into the conversation. When you’re making small talk at holiday parties this season, here’s how to talk about your invention in a natural, considerate, and entertaining way.

Remember to consult your patent attorney before discussing your invention with anyone. InventHelp does not provide patent advice.

Read the Room

What kind of party are you attending? Who do you know here? How formal is the event? Are there any organized events going on right now? The answers to these questions can help you determine how to bring up your invention in conversation. For example, if you’re at a casual family party eating dinner, it is probably going to be pretty easy to segue to the topic of your invention. If you’re at a black-tie bash with live music surrounded by strangers or casual acquaintances, you might need to wait for the perfect moment to mention your invention. Read the room and the situation you are in to determine the most appropriate way and time to talk about your passion.

Go with the Flow

The most important thing to remember when trying to bring your invention into the conversation is that you need to go with the natural flow of the conversation. If your fellow conversationalists are talking about food, weather, or TV shows, it might be difficult for you to make a seamless transition to your endeavors. Wait until someone starts talking about business, innovation, DIY, or your invention’s industry, or alternatively, transition to a related topic yourself. If you just simply bring up your invention out of the blue, it may come off as rude, crass, or awkward. But, if it fits into the conversation, people will be more likely to ask questions, give their opinions, and show their interest in your invention.

Show and Tell

If people seem to be interested in what you have to say about your invention, why not show them? This will not work for all inventions, but if yours is appropriate for a party and small enough to be easily transported, definitely consider bringing along a sample to demo. No matter how good your pitch, it can always be improved by having the actual product there to demonstrate. If you feel comfortable, let others try out your invention. The more people who get to see, touch, and interact with your invention, the more of an impression you can make on the crowd. Be sure to be considerate of the host of the party and always ask them for their permission before bringing out your invention.

Bring Business Cards

You should always have business cards on you, but it is especially important at parties. If you make a serious business connection at a party, it’s probably more appropriate to set up a meeting for a later time so you both can enjoy the party for what it is – a good time, not a business meeting. By taking business cards, you leave your connections with a physical reminder of your earlier interaction. Make sure to collect business cards from anyone you give yours to and then follow up a few days later. In your follow-up email or call, make sure to remind your connection how and where you met as well as a few details about your invention as a reminder.

Holiday parties can be a great chance to network with new people and discuss your passions as an inventor. Before talking about your invention, read the room to see if it is appropriate to discuss. Then, go with the flow to make the conversation natural and provide a demo if the event host gives you permission. If you make good connections, be sure to leave them with a business card and follow up a few days later. By following these tips, you can introduce your invention in a way that is sure to generate positive attention.

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