July 8, 2015 11:51 am

Can you think of life before you had a device in your hands that could tell you anything you want to know? We are living in the 21st century, where cellphones have evolved into smartphones. We used to have home telephones and carried around cameras, video recorders, music players, and personal phones, and now we have one device which produces all of those functions in one. Smartphone inventions such as cases, touchscreen gloves, and the famous selfie stick were invented to accessorize and entertain. There are some interesting inventions and apps created for smartphones that can make your life easier by a push of a button.

Heart Rate Monitor

The is a heart rate monitor which connects to the Bluetooth on your smartphone. The attachable strap monitors your heart by being placed around the abdomen. The app you download on your phone does not disrupt you from music, GPS, or any other apps you would like to open while using the Tickr. This device is to be worn when exercising, capturing data at the center of your body. Bluetooth syncs the data to your phone to record up to 16 hours of key workouts. The accessory also is compatible with other apps that track health records to coincide with your daily activities and nutritional intake.

Smart Baby Monitor

Putting your baby down to sleep just became easier. The is a device used to keep an eye on your children while they are sound asleep in the other room. By sending live streaming audio and video through a secure connection on your phone, the monitor connects with the WithBaby app when downloaded. The portable high-definition webcam has many functions such as alerts and two-way communication with your baby. Night time vision allows you to check your child at all hours of the night through the screen of your smartphone while lying in bed across the hall.

Virtual Keyboard

Tired of typing on a tiny screen on your phone? has developed a new product which enables you to type on a laser surface, designated as a keyboard. A 3-D laser projects from the smartphone onto a flat surface. The virtual keyboard will revolutionize the accuracy and speed of data entry, emails, text messages, and social media on smartphones. The company continues to explore the product and other applications involving the virtual keyboard. They are currently being sold in hospitals and medical clinics to prevent germs from bacteria and viruses.

Child Tracker

 is the perfect invention for parents when shopping or going to amusement parks with young children. The tracking device sends notifications to your smartphone if your child is lost or too far from you. A small device can be slid right into the pocket of jeans, coats, shirts, or wherever the parent thinks is best for their child.

It’s amazing to think of the advanced technology literally at our fingertips. Inventions will only continue to follow the designs and changes of smartphones. With flexible phones on the tech horizon, developers will have to make flexible cases. You may soon be able to start your car with your Bluetooth connection instead of a key. Inventors and app developers aren’t stopping yet; this is just the start of the smartphone revolution.

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