January 21, 2008 5:07 pm

Bottle Cap TripodI love taking pictures of new gadgets for my InventHelp Invention Girl gig, but I don’t love when my photos turn out blurry because my hands were not steady enough (what I can say, I get overexcited!).

As proof that neat gadgets often come in simple packages, there’s now an invention that enables you to screw a tripod onto the top of a water or soda bottle. Yes, you heard that correctly.

Designed for travelers on the go, the Bottle Cap Tripod is a universal mount that fits onto most standard plastic bottles. To use, you screw your camera onto the mount, then just place the mount on top of your drink bottle. A swiveling head means that you can switch up angles easily.

This device works best with small, light cameras. Since a tripod doesn’t do much good when it’s tipped over, the company recommends that you keep your water bottle at least half-full (not half-empty, since we at InventHelp are optimists!).

Then, just snap away to your heart’s content without worrying about blurred pictures. And the best part is, it’ll run you only about $10! InventHelp’s Invention Girl thinks that’s a bargain for eliminating blurry pictures!

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