July 21, 2008 10:36 am

Samsung SP-A800B Home Theater ProjectorProjectors have come a long way since the huge, white clunkers you still can find mounted to the ceiling of some dive sports bars. If you’re looking for a real home theater experience, Samsung’s SP-A800B creates amazing colors and remarkably clear signal reproduction.

This stylish, futuristic projector has rounded edges, sleek curves and a glossy black finish that easily could make it the best-looking device in your home-theater system. Features like Color Pattern enable the user to target blue tones to set tint correctly, and picture quality is enhanced by color and grayscale accuracy.

Samsung consulted video display guru Joe Kane of Joe Kane Productions to design the SP-A800B. The company originally collaborated with Kane on another high-performance projector, the SP-H710AE. With the latest model, the strengths of the first endeavor are enhanced and the kinks all but eliminated. The lens is superior, the lamp brighter and the overall appearance has been completely redesigned.

Projectors are generally on the pricey side, and this one starts around $9,999. Still, for videophiles who are serious about performance, the SP-A800B may be an even better choice than some more expensive models.

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