May 7, 2008 9:46 am

The next time your cell phone goes off, it may not be Mom calling – it may be your department store. InventHelp’s Invention Girl says: Say hello to the invention of mobile coupons.

A mobile coupon is an electronic solicitation delivered to the consumer via a mobile device, like a cell phone or a PDA. Although it remains a niche tactic for the most part, mobile coupons are slowing gaining traction among consumers and marketers.

That’s not to say it’s necessarily gaining in popularity; a recent study by research firm Forrester found that 79 percent of consumers were annoyed by mobile ads. According to Forrester, the best way for mobile marketers to warm up to the consumers is to “cut through the clutter, and focus on value, not interruption.”

InventHelp’s Invention Girl predicts that the mobile coupon inventions will be the next boom in the e-marketing industry. Firstly, mobile devices are more integrated into a person’s daily activities than any other communications channel. Also, thanks to the Apple iPhone, many cell phones are moving in the direction of HTML compatibility.

And, smart e-marketers are already developing real-time, location-based marketing. This means that customers inside a department store could receive a mobile coupon for that store that specifically relates to their interests.

Yes, gone are the days when we sat and clipped coupons from the Sunday paper! InventHelp’s Invention Girl will keep you updated on this trend as it rolls out.

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