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With a stereotype of being attached to their smartphones combined with a desire to travel and hold off on a 9-to-5, millennials often get a bad rap from the generations who came before them. The truth is, many millennials desire to create and improve new innovations and technologies. Often times, millennials settle for seeking out the latest trending products.

If a product has the potential to become a sensation among millennials, it will often times begin its circulation via social media. Each like and share brings the invention closer and closer to becoming a possible viral trend. This means millennials are actually helping small businesses and inventors get off the ground. For millennials seeking out that next trendy product, these innovations could be the next craze.

The App that Never Lets You Walk Alone

No one should ever feel at risk when walking home, to work, or to a friend’s house on their own. The bsafe app allows users to safely walk by themselves with a peace of mind. Bsafe allows men, women and children to alert friends and family when they are walking alone, send them their location, and make them aware of their safe arrival. Other features include the ability to make a fake phone call in an awkward situation and the app can even make an “SOS sound” when the bsafe alarm is triggered.

Millennials are known for being on board with the latest apps and trends for smart phones. This particular safety app has gained recognition from not only this age group, but from major news outlets including Forbes. With major media attention, and an ability to make its presence among people living in major cities, the bsafe app could be the latest trend for millennials.


There is no doubting the fact that Millennials love their pets. Many find it difficult to leave the house without being able to contact their pets while away. PetCube found a way to allow pet parents to maintain contact with their animals, even when gone from the home. The device is a camera that connects to one’s smartphone, giving access to footage of what pets do while the owner is gone.

Not only does PetCube allow Millennials to view their pets, but it also allows for interaction. Owners can see, play, talk and treat their animals from “inside” the cube. By logging onto the app on any smartphone, users are able to speak to their pets. They can even tell them to do certain tricks, and reward them for good behavior with treats stored inside of the device. For millennials with a love for their animals, this invention is a must.

The Perfect Travel Pillow

Millennials are known for their love of travel, but no one enjoys the neck pains and uncomfortable sleeping positions that accompany flights and train rides. Old travel pillows usually only come in one shape, and often times lack comfort. The Ostrich Pillow comes in a variety of forms allowing for ultimate comfort based upon your specific needs.

Not only is the pillow comfortable, but it also comes in many varieties. The most well-known of the pillow styles is a pillow that covers the entire head with a hole for breathing, and two holes which allow one to place his or her hands inside of the pillow in order to rest on a desk or table. The ostrich look of this pillow gives the user full comfort in not-so-comfortable locations, such as an airplane or bus.

The Spoon You Can Eat

Edible cutlery seems like a strange concept, but the makers behind Bakey’s have developed a tasty, ethical spoon that could help save the environment. New generations are becoming more and more environmentally aware, and millennials are becoming increasingly more knowledgeable on the harmful effects of plastic, which was previously the only option for disposable cutlery.

Made from vegan materials, this spoon you can eat is also healthy and nutritious. They can even be made with alternative grains in order to fit a gluten-free market. So, what are these tasty spoons made of? For starters, it is said to taste similar to a cracker. The cutlery is made of various flours as well as rice and wheat. No added chemicals, preservatives, milks or fats are added, with the exception of salt for a tastier experience.

The Avocado Saver

As for stereotypes, Millennials are constantly being typecast as the generation obsessed with the superfood, avocados.  They are consistently looking for new ways to incorporate the food into new dishes. Avocados are high in fiber and other vitamins, and are also a good source of healthy fats. The only downside to avocados is how quickly they turn brown and go bad, but with this avocado saver, Millennials can rest assured that their green goodness will last them.

Known as, the Avocado Time Machine, this invention is what avocado lovers have dreamed about. Known as the Natavo Zero ™, the patented invention can help switch off the enzyme that causes the avocados to turn brown. The Avocado Time Machine is also 100% natural, with zero chemicals or added preservatives.

Millennials may have their stereotypes, but there is no denying their love for cool inventions and products. This allows for more opportunities for inventors and idea makers. Inventors can be thankful for millennials and their ability to make a new product trendy.

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