November 6, 2015 9:59 am

Advertising and marketing is a huge factor when planning a product launch. With the impact of social media on consumers, you should think about ways to utilize social networks in your marketing plan. Social media is used not only to help launch products and services, but to promote, advertise and sell. Here are four helpful steps to incorporate social media into your product launch.

Set a plan

You know you want to add social media into your product launch strategy but how are you going to do it? Research and target the people that you think would be most beneficial to your new product or brand and what networks they use most. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest let you set up ad campaigns to help get your product, website or service impressions online. Andrea Vahl on, suggests to map out a strategy for your launch at least 2 months ahead. To get your fans and consumers excited, design artwork and graphics that can draw their attention. The sooner you plan the more time you have to add or remove parts of your strategy.


Get the buzz of your invention started with pre-launch posts. Post teasers about your product or service to let people know it is coming. You can have family and friends share these posts to get them circulating around others. By promoting with video, images or basic text, you can offer special deals for people to sign up before the launch date. In all of these pre-launch posts, it is possible for you to designate a hashtag that is perfect for your brand. It can be your brand name, slogan or something that relates to the product, but try and keep it unique from other products or services.


Do not let the buzz stop once you launch your invention. You want to keep the excitement of your product or service going. Sometimes it takes a while for people to see your product online. A way to keep the hype up is providing promotions such as contests, give-a-ways and freebies along with the launch. Consumers love to get the chance to win something or to get something free with their purchase. Customer reviews and feedback are good for your brand. When providing excellent customer service, good deals and daily content for them to keep up with, your customers may pass along your product to others.

Post-Launch strategies

There is no stopping now! Once the launch of your product is over, that only means you need to continue to advertise and market your product to your target audience through social media. Keep up to date on trends that your customers like as well as feedback to make your product or service better. One thing people love to do on social media is give feedback, whether it is bad or good your customers will post, tweet or share their experience with friends and followers. You can keep track on how your content is doing through the analytics features on each platform. This can help you see what techniques work best for you and if you should continue with them. Having a weekly schedule can help you stay organized with your social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

From the beginning to the end of your product launch, consumers will hopefully be buzzing about the new product they are trying to purchase. Try and keep up to speed with what your target audience enjoys, as well as continue to post and create content and ads. Give people something to talk about, or should I say “tweet” about.

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