September 4, 2015 10:12 am

Developing a product can be different for every inventor, depending on their ideas and invention. There are continuously new trends in product development in each industry, due to technology, social media, manufacturing, marketing and more. All of these factors play a role in the development of a new product. Here are four new trends in product development that might fit your invention’s needs.

3-D Printing

Today’s technology can bring your idea to life at the office or at home with 3-D printing. Machines are now built with large build volume in combination with app connectivity, making 3-D printing accessible at your fingertips. MakerBot created an innovative product that brings 3-D printing to your desktop. Although this product would not be able to give you the functions that a high-quality system can offer, it can give you the basic look and feel of the product to use as a prototype.


Are you not completely ready to have a prototype created for your invention? 3-D product animation is the process of creating realistic 3-D animation to test products and implement changes of performance and efficiency. The visual graphics make it easier for inventors to comprehend the core concept and features behind their product development and design. Having in-depth visuals can be helpful when you are ready to create an actual prototype.

The Maker Movement

Another new trend for product development is the Maker Movement, which includes individuals and groups that create and market products that can be assembled using unused, discarded, or broken materials. Corey Janssen on Techopedia explains the Maker Movement is a name given to the do-it-yourself processes, which can aid in the development of unique technology products. Materials used to recreate products can be broken electronic pieces, plastic, silicon, or other virtually raw materials from computer-related devices. The Maker Movement has helped inventors develop products in their homes with limited manufacturing resources.


When developing websites, apps, and products “mobile friendly” is a key phrase for inventors, developers, and designers. The rise of mobile and smart devices with applications has increased within the years and continues to grow. Inventors want to make their products accessible on these devices so their customers can use them on the go or stay updated with key information. Whether your invention has an app, mobile website, or social media profiles, you want your product to be in conjunction with mobile devices.

These new trends for product development are innovatively driven to help with your product’s design and advancement. New trends continue to rise as technology grows and becomes easily accessible on your own. Joseph Diresta, the Director of Product Development at InventHelp, stays up to date on new approaches to product development. He likes to think of building products as a “Frankenstein model build” taking item A with item B, to create item C. These new trends can help you get one step closer to the development of your product.

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