February 12, 2016 10:27 am

Love is in the air and whether you are spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other or you’re enjoying it with a tub of ice cream, your furry, little friend will be at your side. A dog is a man’s best friend and one can fight that cats make the best BFF’s, too. So, let’s not forget to buy a gift for the number one love of your life, your pet! Here are 6 pet inventions that your “furry” valentine will kiss or should I say lick you for after they tear them open.

The Litter-Robot

Litter boxes can be a pain to clean up and a hassle for your cat to in get in and out of as well. The Litter-Robot III Open Air is a chamber that lets cats of all sizes do their business in private. The litter is automatically cleaned after each use and the waste is deposited. The Litter-Robot uses less litter and reduces spilling and mess. For elderly cats there is a nightlight for them to see in the dark. This pet invention lets your cat embrace the power of technology, and lets you have less of a mess.


Have you been worried about your pet while being away all day long? The iCPooch lets you video chat with your pet and deliver them a treat from anywhere! You are able to conduct a two-way chat with the press of a button from an app and laptop! The dispenser has one area where you place your tablet or smartphone device and another area where you can add the cookies that will be dispensed. Ease your pet’s anxiety, or maybe your own, with this smart pet product.

Pooch Selfie

The Pooch Selfie lets you take photos of your dog without them turning away or leaving the room. This gift might be for you, more than your pet, but it’s a great invention to focus your dog’s attention while taking photos. The custom cell phone attachment sits at the top of your phone with a tennis ball placed within. The ball will help focus your dog’s attention for you to snap a selfie or a portrait. Say cheese, pup!

GPS Pet Tracker

Sometimes dogs run away and if you’re lucky they will find their way back to their home, but there are some pets that do get a little lost. Whistle GPS Pet Tracker attaches to your pet’s collar and allows you to locate your pet’s location. The live GPS tracking lets you see where your pet is at any time of the day. You are able to set up a custom area zone for your pet, and you will receive a text when they leave the designated area. The pet tracker also lets you track your pet’s meals, medication reminders and moderates activity. Humans have FitBits to monitor health and now pets have Whistle.

Doggie Fountain

It’s a tough life running around and playing all day outside! The Doggie Fountain was created to help dogs and other pets get easier access to water while playing outdoors. The fountain has an easy-to-press pad to release water that is connected to a hose outside. As a pet owner you don’t need to worry about continuously filling up the dog bowl. The Doggie Fountain dispenses clean, cool water to your pet with the step of a paw!

Humunga Lips Dog Toy

Last but not least we have a simple dog toy that will bring laughs to all the other pets in the park! The Humunga Lips Durable Dog Toy is the perfect gift to give your furry Valentine. The toy has a ball on one end and cartoon lips on the other, plus it is cherry scented. Pucker up for a kiss from your Valentine because their lips are ready!

Have an enjoyable, slobbery date this Valentine’s Day with these pet inventions. Hopefully your pet enjoys each gift just as much as they enjoy spending time with you!


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