February 11, 2010 4:49 pm

Pajama JeansInventHelp’s Invention Girl has been trying to kick an addition – to cozy sweatpants. After a long day navigating the fascinating world of inventions, nothing feels better ditching the professional gear and slipping on some comfort. The sweats are a perfectly fine outfit for the couch, but what if I need to make a run to the store?

Am I alone, or is it really hard to change back into regular clothes once the sweats are on? And then the inevitable – the sweatpants meant for indoor comfort become outside attire. Next thing I know, I’m tromping around the store in my dumpy, wrinkled sweatpants… an unpleasant sight for all involved!

Comfort-lovers of the world – feast your eyes on PajamaJeans! This cozy cotton pants invention features high-contrast stitching, brass rivets and soft fabric that doesn’t tug or bind. And to the general public (or the ex that you happen to run into at the store), the PajamaJeans look like regular streetwear.

InventHelp’s Invention Girl thinks this sounds like the best of both worlds. I may wear my PajamaJeans all day and all night!

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