April 1, 2016 2:03 pm

There are many situations throughout the day in the office that one could warrant new inventions to improve the work place. Cold coffee, messy desks, and fingers stabbed by staplers, are some issues workers face daily. These office gadgets are designed to help make one’s work day easier and more enjoyable.

Staple-free Stapler

Many look for ways to reduce the amount of trash they create. The Staple-Free Stapler does just that by attaching papers without the use of staples or clips. Working just as quickly as a regular stapler, this Staple-Free Stapler cuts a tiny flap in the corner of the paper, then folds that flap back, tucking it into a small slit. This stapler creates less waste and makes for neater looking documents and projects.

The Handy Shredder

The need for shredding documents can be an everyday occurrence in the office. The Handy Shredder does this job without ever using electricity. This office gadget is small enough to be placed on one’s desk, making it easily accessible. This paper shredder removes the need for larger and louder shredders by allowing the user to shred documents by hand.

Clip-on Cup Holder

Caffeine is an essential part of the workday, but at times one’s desk may be too untidy for a travel mug. The Clip-On Cup Holder solves that problem by easily clipping to the side of one’s desk. This office gadget makes morning coffee readily available, yet out of the way, creating less clutter around the work space.

Cable Clips

Desks at work can be riddled with cords for each of today’s newest devices. Those cords can easily slide around and even unplug from one’s laptop, tablet or phone. With these Cable Clips, wires can stay firmly in place. The clips work on many different surfaces in order to keep one’s desk neat and organized. Simply peel and stick to any desk or table to keep wires in place.

Mug Warmer

A cold cup of coffee can ruin anyone’s day, especially someone who survives his or her workday on caffeine. With the Mug Warmer made by Mr. Coffee, your drink will stay warm and cozy all day long. Users simply plug the warmer into a USB outlet, and enjoy reassurance of warm coffee or tea without needing to leave their desk.

Tablet Holder

Telephones, computers, smartphones, and tablets can all be found in the average employee’s work space. With so many different devices, along with other office supplies, desks can easily become disorganized and untidy. The Gooseneck Tablet holder attaches to the side of one’s desk and holds a tablet so his or her work space does not clutter. The holder is easily adjustable and can rotate 360° to give maximum access to one’s device.

Struggling with wires and battling with a lack of caffeine during the work day can be tiring. New devices mean a need for new inventions and gadgets to help bring these technologies into the office. With these office gadgets, office jobs might contain less stress and have more time to achieve daily work goals.

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