January 31, 2020 12:25 pm

Last week was Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This annual show brings in approximately 60,000 attendees from the shooting, hunting and outdoor industries. With over 12 miles of aisles to stroll through, it’s nearly impossible to get to take in every new product that was on display. Everywhere you turn there is something new to see and someone interesting to talk to in the industry.

During the show, attendees are lucky to get a first-hand look at some new products and inventions in the hunting, self-defense and camping categories. Overall, there were plenty of new inventions and innovations at Shot Show 2020. 

Hunting Gear

Shot Show

Are you someone who has an idea for a new product in the hunting category? Shot Show 2020 had an abundance of exhibitors showing off their new hunting gear and accessories. The hunting industry had nearly 15 million people participating in the sport in 2017. The industry clearly has been taking note of the large number of consumers and brought hundreds of new products including apparel, equipment, safety tools, and more.

So, what was most interesting for this category at this year’s show? Novagrade was there exhibiting their digiscoping adapters. These adapters connect your binoculars to your smart phone, camera, or tablet allowing users to take clear images from a far distance. The adapters also work on microscopes and telescopes giving users the ability to take high quality photos by using the binoculars they already have.


Shot Show

The self-defense products market was valued at $2.4 billion in 2018. Women in particular are becoming more interested in learning how to properly defend themselves. From participating in classes to downloading new apps that can help you get home safely, the industry is expected to grow over the next five years.

With self-defense on such high demand, there was no lack of new products on display at Shot Show this year. Pepper spray, whistles, stun guns and more were making waves at the show, but there was one product that stood out among the rest: the bulletproof backpack by Guard Dog Security. These backpacks are designed for added protection and safety in a crisis situation. The company has also announced that a portion of the backpack’s sales will go to benefit the effort of keeping schools safe.  

Camping Equipment

Shot Show

Camping is a great chance to escape from the big city and relax in the great outdoors. In North America, camping is on the rise, particularly among millennials. Camping comfortably means finding the products, gear, and equipment necessary for having an enjoyable time. Families want convenience when taking young children on a camping trip, and young campers are looking for ways to keep their devices charged even in the middle of the woods.

While searching the aisles at Shot Show, attendees noticed an abundance of camouflage camping attire and equipment. Kelty, a company that offers a wide range of camping products from sleeping bags to tents, was exhibiting at the show. The company’s top rated “Journey Perfectfit Elite” backpack can be found on their website. They were among many other camping companies who brought backpacks, shelters, camping accessories, apparel, and more!

Shot Show had so much to see and plenty of products to test, review and explore. With a growing desire for self-defense and a big hike in camping among millennials, it’s exciting for attendees to have a chance to see what will be on the market in these categories in the coming months.

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