May 16, 2014 9:00 am

Alan Adler likes coffee, and back in 2005, before single-cup coffee makers became a home and office staple, making single cups of good coffee in a drip machine was very difficult and took science-like precision to get right.

A toy inventor who designed flying discs for Parker Brothers, Adler put his creativity to work and designed his first prototype for the Aeropress coffee maker. The prototype was a pair of plastic cylinders that fit together to create an airtight plunger. Hot water was forced through the grounds at high pressure, reducing the steep time to about 30 seconds. In about two minute’s time, you have a good cup of coffee.

New innovations such as one-cup machines have not lessened the public’s enthusiasm for Aeropress coffee. It is easy and inexpensive to use and requires no electricity. Plus it’s a little fun. There is even a World Championship in which individuals compete to see who can create the best cup of coffee using the Aeropress. Here is a link to some winning recipes.

Some of history’s best new innovations were designed by inventors attempting to solve simple problems, like getting a good cup of coffee. Let your imagination guide your way and keep dreaming!


*Note: This is not an InventHelp client invention.

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