June 9, 2008 5:13 pm

InventHelp’s Invention Girl has a warning for would-be thieves out there – some new gadgets have a special way of staying loyal to their rightful owners. (I wish I had something like this during my last vacation from InventHelp, when I lost my beloved Flip Ultra camcorder!)

Recently, a woman who lost her digital camera while on vacation got some unusual photos when she checked her email. Because her camera was equipped with a special memory card with wireless Internet capability, she was automatically sent photos not only of her vacation, but of the individuals who had swiped the camera she mistakenly left behind!

Turns out two employees at a restaurant where the woman was dining took the bag after she had forgotten it. While in transit, the two passed through a wireless hot spot, which triggered the memory card to active. The card, called the Eye-Fi, is a 2-gigabyte SD memory card that fits into millions of digital cameras.

Ultimately, the woman said that the feeling of getting back treasured photos of her infant son was priceless (although, if you’re wondering, the card itself isn’t “priceless” – it costs about $100). As for the culprits? She decided not to press charges against them, but they were fired from their restaurant gig.

InventHelp’s Invention Girl is excited to see what new gadgets have the power to protect themselves! We’ll explore this issue again in an upcoming blog on GadgetTrak, which provides theft recovery and loss prevention solutions for mobile devices.

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