April 15, 2016 11:46 am

When starting a new business or creating a product it can sometimes be difficult to get your idea out there. Creativity might be what you are looking for to help advertise your invention. There are many different ways to get your invention idea or business noticed you just might need to use your imagination. Check out these 3 out of the box marketing ideas.

Host an event or contest

Hosting or sponsoring an event or running a contest could be two different ways to get people interested in your invention or business. Hosting or sponsoring an event in your local area could give you unique marketing opportunities. Build brand awareness through sponsorships, have promotional materials with your logo on them, and try to generate publicity for your event. Having a contest could be a way to increase your leads and conversions. Giving the customers a reason to visit your store, website or social media pages, can help you get more people interested in your business.

Street Marketing

Have you heard of guerrilla marketing? Well, street marketing is like guerrilla marketing only it is confined to the street and other public areas and not online. These two types of marketing use nontraditional methods to get attention for an ad campaign. Street marketing can take place at bus stops, crosswalks, sides of cars and buses, buildings, sidewalks and basically anything you can think of when you walk outside. An interesting, creative marketing idea could be writing in 3-D chalk which could really draw a crowd to your piece of sidewalk art. Add a hashtag so random walkers can be encouraged to post pictures on social media.

Another idea which can collide with street marketing could be a pop-up store. Pop-up Stores can be found in a traditional brick-and-motor store, a kiosk, a motorized vehicle like a “food truck,” or a booth set up in a park. A pop-up shop can be set up in an open area where you can display your product or business. Let others see what your idea is all about, by giving demonstrations, offering samples and freebies, or being able to see the product right then and there. Make your pop-up store approachable and unique so people even outside of your target demographic can stop by and see what is going on. Jeremy Baras, CEO of PopUp Republic said on Retail Touch Points, that customers are attracted to exclusivity. If the store is there today and gone tomorrow, people want to stop and see what it’s about before they miss out.

Infographic Marketing

Infographics can be a good way to provide information and explain certain topics in a fun, creative visual manner. With using infographics as a marketing tactic, you can build a lot of external contacts as well as link to your own website and drive traffic. By using social media to expose your infographic, others will potentially repost, share and pin your image to other users. Infographics, however, need to be done the correct way. Data needs to be collected from valuable and creditable sources and linked to the right websites.

There are many different ways to get the attention of people. Unique and creative marketing ideas can be performed in ways that are best for your invention or business. By putting on an event, drawing street art, designing an infographic or having a store pop-up in the park, these marking ideas might help you generate new ways to get the attention of your customers.

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