November 11, 2010 2:29 pm


Have you ever walked down the street and saw something so incredible, you wish you got it on video? What usually happens to InventHelp’s Invention Girl is by the time I get out my phone or camera, I’ve already missed the moment. Trying to describe what I just saw to my friends later just doesn’t quite have the same effect as being able to show them.

There’s a gadget that makes sure you never miss another story-worthy moment. Looxcie is a small ear piece camera that records everything you see. The camera is always on and is continuously recording so you don’t miss anything. If you see anything you think may be worth keeping, hit the button and the previous 30 seconds are saved.

Looxcie can hold up to four hours of video. When the memory becomes full, it automatically starts deleting the oldest footage. Looxcie is not necessarily designed for collecting clips but more for capturing the moment.

Want to share that exciting event you just saw with your friends? With a push of a button, your video can be uploaded to your preferred social networking site. You can also send it to your computer to watch and/or edit if you prefer.

In addition to recording, it also lets you make and receives calls while you’re getting footage. When you’re videoing and take a call, Looxcie automatically mutes the audio on the video capture. Calls stay private and video uninterrupted.

Is there something you saw in the past that you wish you got on video?

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