July 14, 2016 2:31 pm

If you’re an inventor who likes to talk about your invention, chances are people have given you their opinion on your idea, whether you asked for it or not. These opinions can be helpful, harmful, or somewhere in between. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to react and reply in various situations, so we’ve made a guide for you for when people give you their opinion and suggestions for your invention.

Positive Comment, Good Suggestion

Sometimes when people give you an opinion on your invention, they are trying to be helpful, and succeed in doing that. Other people think different ways than you do, so they might see a problem or solution that you couldn’t have realized yourself. If you receive positive suggestions from people, consider them and how they affect you and your idea. You may have just received a great piece of advice, one of the best things that can happen when you tell someone about your invention.

The verdict: Consider their opinion and give a warm “thank you!”

Positive Comment, Bad Suggestion

When you speak with someone about your invention, they may have feedback for you that simply doesn’t make sense. Maybe their suggestion is too big-picture, maybe your pricing doesn’t allow for their suggested features, or perhaps they simply just don’t understand your invention. When this happens, appreciate that the other person took time and effort to make a suggestion to you, but don’t feel that it is necessary to tell them you will be considering or incorporating their idea. Simply thank them for their suggestion and tell them you’ll keep them up to date on how your invention is going.

The verdict: Thank them for their opinion, but stick to what you know.

Negative Comment, Good Suggestion

Ah, the power of constructive criticism. When speaking with those in your invention’s industry or otherwise knowledgeable people, you may be offered some advice that is tough to hear. Some constructive criticism can sound harsh, but if it comes from a knowledgeable person with good intentions, try to hear what they are saying and understand that it isn’t personal or an attack on your character. It’s possible that this person has identified a flaw in your idea that could have been missed had they not spoken up.

The verdict: Consider their educated opinion, but don’t let it hurt you personally.

Rude Comment, Unhelpful or No Suggestion

If people make rude comments and offer unhelpful suggestions, it is okay to ignore them. Sometimes people don’t understand the power of good ideas. You don’t need to add any negativity to the situation by giving their opinion legitimacy. Don’t validate their rude comments and simply remove yourself from the situation as quickly and classily as possible. Most importantly, don’t let the rude comments affect you later. Brush it off and move onto making progress with your invention.

The verdict: Haters gonna hate. Ignore them.

As an inventor, you’ve probably received a wide array of responses to your invention. By knowing how to approach every situation, you can be thankful to those who have helped you, gather helpful opinions, and ignore those who are negative and toxic towards your invention.

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