April 4, 2008 12:05 pm

Spring has finally sprung, although you wouldn’t know it with all this dismal East Coast weather. It’s true that InventHelp’s Invention Girl has little patience for wintry conditions (and here at InventHelp headquarters in Pittsburgh, we know something about winter weather!), but knowing that those first Spring buds are about to bloom at any moment really puts a bounce in my step.

In honor of all things Spring, here are InventHelp and Invention Girl’s three favorite springtime inventions:

  1. The Hammock – It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly who invented the hammock. Some say that the word “hammock” is derived from the Spanish hamaca or hamac, which would suggest its modern use can be credited to Latin America. Part of the reason that hammocks became so popular in the New World is safety. Because you are suspended above ground while sleeping, people were better protected from snakes and other harmful creatures. For InventHelp’s Invention Girl, there’s nothing better than a lazy afternoon spent in a hammock with a great book.
  2. The Cooler – On a warm day, nothing beats a cold drink. Originally invented in Australia (where it is called an “esky”), the cooler’s insulating capabilities make for better picnics and parties. For more on the cooler, check out this article from our InventHelp Newsletter archives.
  3. The Ice Cream Cone – Eating ice cream from the bowl pales in comparison to the mobile freedom allowed by the ice cream cone! Italo Marchino, an Italian immigrant, produced the first ice cream cone in 1896 and was granted a patent in December of 1903. A similar idea popped up at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, when an entrepreneurial ice cream vendor began dishing ice cream into a wafer-like Middle Eastern pastry called a Zalabia. Luckily for InventHelp’s Invention Girl, the idea caught on!

InventHelp and Invention Girl can’t say “thanks” enough to these innovators because without them Spring just wouldn’t be the same!

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