September 9, 2009 3:04 pm

As regular InventHelp blog readers know, Invention Girl loves commercials. Last year’s Super Bowl game featuring my hometown Pittsburgh Steelers and top-crop commercials was like hog heaven!

Naturally, some of my favorite commercials are from the clever marketing team here at InventHelp! Over the years, millions of viewers have watched , our resident innovative mascot, make his way through life trials and tribulations – like discovering fire and inventing the wheel. All right, so Cavey’s life may not be too much like your average American, but he’s a hoot to watch!

Our newest features one of our favorite invention stories. Inventor client Bill Schafer stars along with his Splash Wash product, which was licensed to Wham-O Inc. Like many inventors out there, Bill drew from his everyday experiences to develop his idea. One hot summer afternoon, Bill was watching his children play when his idea struck. I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who can relate!

InventHelp is proud to say that Bill made a financial gain from his invention. While this experience is not typical of what most inventors should expect (very few inventions actually make money), it’s a great story worthy of your 60 seconds of attention if you happened to catch it the next time you’re flipping through the channels!

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