April 23, 2010 9:00 am

The Real Time Canvas Clock
InventHelp’s Invention Girl loves unique, interesting pieces of art around the home and office. They’re nice to look at, add ambiance to a room and let you express your personal taste. Unfortunately, there’s no real functional use for these items and they often just collect dust on the wall.

Well, function and style have seamlessly blended together with The Real Time Canvas Clock. This working piece of art features a monochromatic representation of the classic alarm clock. The photo is complete with moving hands and keeps real time. It’s a 3D clock on a canvas frame and has a mechanical system built into it that only requires two AA batteries. At first glance, viewers assume the clock is merely a photograph. After a few moments, they’ll be amazed when they realize that the decoration actually keeps time!

The simple design of the piece adds minimalist style to any space. The Real Time Canvas Clock features a high quality canvas frame and a monochromatic color palette to complement any decorating theme. The piece can be hung almost anywhere because it’s lightweight and has a length of 11.7 inches. Buying this piece won’t break the bank either because it retails for only about $35!

You guessed it; this will be the next decoration that InventHelp’s Invention Girl puts in her office. Who doesn’t love beauty and brains?

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