June 18, 2008 12:02 pm

Looks like Invention Girl is making a giant leap – from print to YouTube! The team here at InventHelp is always looking for new ways to generate interest in inventions, and what better place to start than InventHelp’s YouTube channel? This popular website is the world’s go-to place for video entertainment.

I love this new YouTube gig because I get to show off my acting chops (I didn’t take public speaking classes for nothing) while sharing my invention infatuation with web surfers everywhere. Check out the first in a series of InventHelp videos where yours truly discusses a new invention that helps keep umbrellas from making a mess in cars, homes and offices.

We at InventHelp will be working hard to keep YouTubers up to date on the latest invention happenings. And if you are interested in one of these products, no problem – they are available for purchase online. Be sure to visit the InventHelp Store, your source for products you’ve never seen. The site – presented by InventHelp and it sister company, Intromark Inc. – is a source for retailers, catalogs and affiliates to find new products in a range of categories.

Don’t worry, I’m sure that my new YouTube gig won’t stop me from keeping you up to date on the latest consumer trends, new inventions and technology updates here on the InventHelp website. Looking forward to seeing you on the blog and on YouTube!

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