March 3, 2008 11:10 am

Update: You may recall my InventHelp blog post a few weeks ago about an uncontrollable U.S. spy satellite that had scientists concerned that it would plummet to Earth, causing damage or injury to anyone in the vicinity.

InventHelp’s Invention Girl is pleased to report that according to Pentagon reports, there is now no danger from debris or potential hazard from the satellite’s fuel tank.

Last Wednesday, a Navy cruiser in the Pacific launched a missile at the satellite, and military video of the event indicated that it pulverized the spacecraft. Post-strike analysis still continuing, but officials say that any remaining debris would likely be no larger than a football, and that some of it has already entered Earth’s atmosphere and burnt up harmlessly.

The U.S. Navy’s plan to strike the secret satellite, which malfunctioned just after launch and had a full tank of fuel, was projected to cost between $40 million and $60 million.

Pentagon officials argue the effort is worth the expense because of the chance that the satellite’s unused fuel, 1,000 pounds of toxic hydrazine, could land in a populated area. Even though this scenario was unlikely, InventHelp’s Invention Girl tends to agree!

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