August 6, 2008 11:36 am

Jitterbug Cell PhoneWhile InventHelp’s Invention Girl has heard her share of stories about tech-savvy seniors, there are still quite a few folks in their golden years who are simply uncomfortable with cell phones.

But, the idea of personal security and accessibility appeals who seniors who are trying to maintain their independence. JitterbugĀ® is hoping to bridge this gap by offering an easy-to-use, limited-function cell phone designed with senior-friendly features.

First, the large, backlit buttons make dialing easier, and a powerful speaker transmits sound effectively. Models range from a super-basic OneTouch (it has only 911, the Jitterbug operator and one number that they’ll personalize for you) to a more conventional-style cell phone (the design was created by Samsung).

The only drawback is that Jitterbug works only on its own network, which doesn’t have the reach of major networks like Sprint or Verizon. And, if you happen to be into text messaging, picture mail or any modern cell phone features, then Jitterbug might be a little rudimentary for you.

A basic plan starts around $20 per month, making it more affordable than most conventional cellular plan options (InventHelp’s Invention Girl is embarrassed to tell you how much her cell phone bill is each month!). For anyone who wants a simple, cheap way to keep in touch only as needed, this is a good option. But if you can surf the web while sending a text at the same speed as your grandkids, think bigger!

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