August 25, 2016 12:21 pm

From household items to beauty products to sporting goods, the InventHelp Store lets you purchase innovative, new products from our very own clients. Our ecommerce site gives you the ability to look for new devices, gadgets and tools to solve everyday problems at home, work and in school. Here are few products invented by InventHelp clients available to purchase online today!


There’s always the dilemma of what do you do with your leftover cooking grease? It’s hard to dispose the grease and come up with a solution that will not clog pipes or hurt the environment, from dumping it outside. AbsorbEase is made from disposable, biodegradable, FDA- approved material that can be placed in a pan while cooking to absorb the grease. The product also helps reduce fat consumption for healthier foods and can be used to clean up any liquid spills in the kitchen. Price: $14.95


Do you have a small hole or crack in your wall? Whether it’s a small hole from hammering a nail to hang up a portrait or crack that grew from age of your home, no one really wants to mess with dry wall or plaster. The Erase-A-Hole can patch up your problems with a quick fix of a stick. As easy as putting on deodorant, the Erase-A-Hole can be applied in a circular motion from the stick-like invention. Apply, wipe and paint, to have your wall looking brand new! Price: $13.49

Toilet Seat Holder™

Keep your toilet seat up with the Toilet Seat Holder. The clip makes it easier to clean the toilet bowl and serves conveniently as a “third hand” for men while using the toilet. Simply place the bathroom accessory under the lid of the tank and then slide the rotating arm against the seat to make it lock in position. There won’t be any more messy accidents or cleaning mishaps from the toilet seat falling down! Price: $4.95

Easy Fire Pits

The Easy Fire Pits creates a convenient and easy way to create a DIY gas pit with fire features. There is no need to keep retrieving wood, getting smoked out or smelling like a burning fire when you get home. The conversion kit takes less than 10 minutes to set up and requires the drilling of a 1” hole and hook up of a standard propane tank. The kit allows you to make a personal, artsy yard and to customize the Easy Fire Pits anyway you like. Reuse the kit at any home or party all year long.  Price: $175.00

Portable Gas Detector

The Portable Gas Detector is an easy-to-use device that identifies hazardous leaks. The handheld invention can detect leaks in pipes, fittings, valves, gas storage tanks, home appliance tanks and hot water heaters. By simply pointing the end of the device at the area you want to test, you can prevent the tragedy of gas leaks at your home. Price: $29.95

There are numerous InventHelp products from clients that can help your needs. Check out The InventHelp Store at to find more inventions for your everyday use.

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