July 8, 2010 9:35 am

What a lot of inventors don’t fully realize when they first come up with a new idea is that this is an ongoing process. Often times throughout that process, a client of InventHelp reviews his initial idea, making little adjustments and changes along the way. One of the keys for new inventors is being able to review their invention ideas and assess (and often redesign) an invention accordingly.

InventHelp inventor Herbert Demoret learned firsthand about the importance of reviews and revisions during his experience developing the “Fish ‘N Flush”. This InventHelp client’s invention experience began one morning when he awoke with a strange idea floating around in his head.

“The basic concept was to combine the standard features of an aquarium with a commode, and make it a thing of living beauty for a bathroom,” Demoret said.

To review and further develop his idea, Demoret decided to sit down and make some sketches. While he instantly recognized the possibility of creating a clear toilet tank to display the fish, the InventHelp inventor’s initial reviews revealed a problem: the flush.

“It just wasn’t practical,” he said. “Every time you’d flush, you’d lose the fish.”

Through a series of additional evaluations and reviews, InventHelp client Demoret devised a split-tank design that kept the fish tank area separate from the flushing area. With his idea mapped out on paper, he began reviewing small toilets to make into models. It was also around this time that he decided to contact InventHelp. In addition to purchasing InventHelp’s submission services, Demoret chose to take advantage of the patent referral service.

“InventHelp was very helpful to me,” Demoret explains. “I didn’t know how to go about getting a patent or anything like that, they referred me to an independent attorney who could assist me.”

While InventHelp submitted Demoret’s idea to companies in the hopes of attaining good-faith reviews, he also continued to pursue it independently. He tweaked the design, and built a prototype.

“InventHelp has been a great resource,” Demoret explains.

While InventHelp attempts to submit inventions to companies for review, we do not review or evaluate inventions ourselves.

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