November 28, 2018 11:43 am

On Monday, October 22nd, employees from InventHelp headquarters volunteered at New Academy Charter School. Their objective? To give students fresh paint on book shelves, an outdoor area, and bathroom murals with inspirational quotes.

The team joined with Pittsburgh Cares, an organization dedicated to advancing a culture of volunteering and giving back to the community. With the help of Pittsburgh Cares representative, Danielle Allison, the InventHelp team was able to connect with school leaders at New Academy Charter School.

This unique charter school gives students in need the opportunity to achieve success. Holly Turkovic, Climate and Culture Coach at New Academy Charter School told InventHelp employees of the difficulties students face and how teachers help them on a daily basis. When asked what sets the school apart from other public schools in the area, Turkovic explained “I would say the door to door transportation and the small student to staff ratio. This allows students who have challenges with getting to school on a daily basis experience more success with attendance at the Academy.”

When it came time to decide what quotes to use for the murals, InventHelp employees put themselves in the shoes of these young students and decided to include quotes from relevant musicians and athletes.

“Our team of volunteers spent time creating the themes for each of the rooms and then brought those ideas to life.  It was truly amazing to watch the InventHelp team exceed all expectations of school personnel by reflecting the teamwork and conscientious attitude demonstrated daily,” says Melissa Renninger, Human Resources Manager and coordinator of InventHelp Gives Back.

If you would like to give back to New Academy Charter School, volunteers are always needed for painting, assembling equipment, and job-shadowing. You can contact Pittsburgh Cares through their website.

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