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For thirty years, InventHelp has been helping people to submit their ideas to companies in hope of obtaining a good faith review. It all starts with a vision: a product, a service, or even a problem to be solved. This idea turns into a goal- “I want to make it easier.” “I want to help people.” “I want to be renowned.” Perhaps the most rewarding achievement is to have your product patented, licensed, and sold. Although these results don’t happen too often, for some, this has become a reality.

Oatey Twist-N-Set Replacement College Flange InventHelp
Oatey Twist-N-Set Replacement College Flange, available on Oatey Supply Chain Services website, is one of the products that has exhibited this accomplishment. Licensed July 1996, this product replaces broken cast iron closet flanges, installs easily without tools, has a smooth unrestricted flow design, and expands to fix inside service weight, heavy weight and no hub pipe.

Side Sleeper Pro InventHelp
Side Sleeper Pro, available on its website and As Seen on TV, was licensed in September 2008 and has also been sold at Bed Bath and Beyond, Altmeyers, and QVC. The InventHelp inventor, a Doctor of Chiropractic, designed the pillow so that side sleepers could avoid twisting the neck and spine while sleeping.

QLT Mini Rock-IT Adjustable Angle Adapters InventHelp
QLT Mini Rock-IT Adjustable Angle Adapters, available on Marshalltown website, was licensed in September 1998. It is also sold on other online retailers, such as Amazon, Newegg, and Sears. The tool allows handle placement in any position within a 180 degree sweep, and connects push button handles to edgers, groovers, fresnos, and bull floats.

GRANDVIEW® Laryngoscope Blade InventHelp
GRANDVIEW® Laryngoscope Blade, available on Hartwell Medical website, is another InventHelp client invention that has been sold online. Licensed in February 2000, the Laryngoscope Blade combines a light source with a wider field of view to improve intubation success rates. The product is available on several specialty medical supply websites.

Perfect Pan InventHelp
Perfect Pan, available on Chef’s Planet website, is a product that aids with cheesecake and other baked goods. The water basin bath keeps cheesecakes from cracking and soufflés from sinking. Licensed in September 2011, the Perfect Pan has been available for purchase online, at Bed Bath and Beyond, and at other retailers.

Intellinetix Vibrating Knee and Elbow Wrap InventHelp


Intellinetix Vibrating Knee and Elbow Wrap, available on Brownmed website,is also available for purchase online. The wrap was designed to help with the pain typically associated with osteoarthritis and other recurring knee or elbow pain. The vibrating motors help boost circulation, which increases blood flow and aids recovery. It was licensed in June 2011.

These are just a few of the products that InventHelp has submitted to industry over the past 30 years. Our clients’ visions and our services have assisted some individuals that have had their products patented, licensed, and sold either online or in stores.


The above results are not typical as most client inventions are not licensed, manufactured, sold in stores and do not appear in infomercials or on television shopping networks

From 2011-2013, we signed Submission Agreements with 5,252 clients. As a result of our services, 144 clients have received license agreements for their products, and 24 clients have received more money than they paid us for those services.

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