July 28, 2008 12:35 pm

Just up the road from InventHelp’s headquarters in Pittsburgh sits Carnegie Mellon University, one of the nation’s elite schools and a perpetual hotbed of technological progress. Recently, Carnegie Mellon and the computer science world at large lost an inspirational leader when died of pancreatic cancer. He is survived by his wife, Jai, and three young children.

Pausch shot to fame in September 2007 when he delivered “The Last Lecture” to a packed house at CMU. Faced with the news that he had three to six months of good health left, Pausch resolved to create an upbeat “final pep talk” for his family, students and friends. Titled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams,” the lecture has been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube and the story behind the lecture became a best-selling novel.

Like millions around the world, InventHelp’s Invention Girl was inspired by Pausch’s courage. “If I was able to tell my story with the passion I felt,” Pausch says in his book, “my lecture might help others find a path to fulfilling their own dreams.” He said he didn’t want his lecture to revolve around the fact that he was dying; he wanted it to be how about to live.

Pausch’s inventive use of technology and media means that his lessons can be shared for generations. InventHelp and Invention Girl honor the memory of Randy Pausch – innovator, scientist and inspirational example for this InventHelp employee.

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