September 30, 2008 4:15 pm

InventHelp Client's No-Bang InventionOne thing that InventHelp’s Invention Girl loved about growing up in Western Pennsylvania was playing in the woods, which naturally involved a lot of dirt. Fun for me – but not so fun for my mom, who was stuck with the task of washing and drying my canvas shoes nearly every other day. Even from my bedroom I could hear the “Bang! Bang!” of the shoes in the dryer around the clock.

Fast forward X number of years (you didn’t really think you’d get that number out of me, did you?), when I grew from Little Invention Girl to InventHelp’s Invention Girl. Imagine my surprise when I found an invention that would have saved poor Mom lots of headaches. The No-Bang, offered by InventHelp’s sister company Intromark, Inc., is an invention that keeps shoes from slamming around in the dryer.

Not only is the clanging of the shoes in the dryer annoying, but it can actually damage your dryer. The No-Bang’s easy-to-use system of suction cups and a strap holds the shoes to the dryer, preventing that noisy racket. And, it sure beats sitting the shoes out to dry for days.

Don’t take my word for it. WTAE-TV, a news station here in InventHelp’s hometown of Pittsburgh, recently put the No-Bang to the test on their segment Test It Tuesday. The invention earned a 4-star rating! To see the invention in action for yourself, check out WTAE-TV’s No-Bang video and read their No-Bang blog entry.

The No-Bang retails for $5.99 and is available through the InventHelp Store.

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