April 10, 2009 11:54 am

Ear CuffiesAs a girl who grew up in the ’80s when “big hair” was all the rage, InventHelp’s Invention Girl learned firsthand that curling irons and ears do not play nice. An InventHelp inventor decided that one burned ear was one too many and developed a solution.

Ear Cuffies are soft, flexible covers that prevent burns caused by curling irons, hot combs, hot rollers and other heated styling devices. Before styling, just slip the Ear Cuffies right over each ear. An elastic band keeps the ear-shaped cover firmly in place, protecting the ear from unfriendly appliances.

Ear Cuffies reached a national audience with a recent appearance on The Today Show’s segment, What’s Hot in Housewares. The hosts joked that their stylists would “never make mistakes,” but I imagine that even when working with beauty professionals, accidents are bound to happen! Ear Cuffies even made the rounds on Pittsburgh’s own KDKA Radio, during Shelley Duffy’s lifestyle segment.

InventHelp’s Invention Girl could see this invention working well for young girls who are just learning to style their hair. It’s a little late for this invention diva, but not for the new generation of gals out there! Beauty schools could benefit from this idea, too.

If your ears have had enough curling iron abuse, you can order the Ear Cuffies for $4.95 a pair at InventHelpStore.com.

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