April 16, 2008 10:00 am

Cavey, The InventHelp CavemanBefore I became InventHelp’s Invention Girl, I was just a gadget-loving diva fascinated by the InventHelp Caveman commercials. Over the years, I watched as these entrepreneurial cartoons showed the “inventions” of the wheel and wheelbarrow, and even a Neanderthal version of a unicycle.

But don’t let the loincloth and wooden club fool you – Cavey is a downright modern man! At the turn of the last century, Cavey even went 3D when computer animation became all the rage. But, it turns out that we liked Cavey just the way he was, and now he’s back to his two-dimensional self. For more on the evolution of our favorite caveman, check out our new page devoted the InventHelp Caveman.

Like all great inventors, Cavey sometimes struggles through the creative process. But with persistence, ingenuity and (of course) a little luck, he always perseveres in the face of adversity (although, his comical struggles put InventHelp’s Invention Girl in stitches). And there are plenty more adventures to come!

These days, I get to see the InventHelp Caveman on a daily basis – in bobblehead form on my desk! When I’m having a challenging day, I just look at Cavey aimlessly bobbling about and realize that if he can make it through his trials and tribulations, then so can I.

InventHelp’s Invention Girl thinks there’s a little Cavey spirit in every gadget guru, entrepreneur and innovator. To get your very own Cavey bobblehead as well as other cool InventHelp products and gear, visit www.InventHelpStore.com.

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