September 26, 2008 10:23 am

Zebra Jimnie Clip Recycled Mechanical PencilNow that school is back in session and the great sales are over, it’s back to business as usual for students, teachers and the rest of academia. And even parents are done with the major school-supply crunch, InventHelp’s Invention Girl knows from experience that school shopping is never over until the end of the year!

This week, a friend at InventHelp sought my advice for choosing the simplest of school supplies: the pencil. Is it better for the environment, she wondered, to purchase plastic or wooden pencils?

That’s a complicated question (although it doesn’t puzzle me as much as 10th grade geometry did!). Plastic pencils require a large amount of petroleum to produce and manufacture, and chances are they’ll end up in a landfill. True, they’re reusable, but what 5th grader do you know that can hang on to a pencil for more than a week?

Wooden pencils are better than plastic in that they’re made from a renewable resource, but trees still need to be cut down to produce them. Plus, in no time they’re shredded up into compost, meaning you need to replace them more often.

Luckily, InventHelp’s Invention Girl found a new pencil invention that’s better for the environment than both plastic AND wood! Zebra┬« Jimnie┬« Clip Recycled Mechanical Pencils contain 72% post-recycled consumer content. The ingredient list includes car headlights and compact discs, plastic shopping bags and car battery encasements. Plus, it’s refillable for continued use!

Little Johnny may not be able to hang on to pencils in school, but I’ll defend this pencil from my fellow InventHelp co-workers any day of the week (you hear that, pencil thieves?)!

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