November 21, 2008 11:29 am

Do you remember when SUVs were invented? At the time, they seemed like luxury apartments on wheels, with the stability of the large truck and the comfort of a swanky sedan.

That, of course, was before gas prices ballooned and the feverish wave of green-friendly living hit the country. Now, in terms of what’s “en vogue”, InventHelp’s Invention Girl thinks compact is the new black!

The Honda Fit is a great example of a car that fun, functional and friendly to the environment. Until 2007, the Fit was sold only outside of the United States, but high fuel costs sparked Honda to release the Fit stateside.

InventHelp’s Invention Girl got to test drive a friend’s Fit recently, and I was impressed by its stylish exterior, agile handling and precision steering. And although it’s a compact car, we were able to fit three adults, two bicycles and a cooler into the Fit without any trouble – thanks to a smart, easy-to-use folding seat design.

The Honda Fit suffers from the cons of most compact cars its size. Driving a Fit for a long period of time might be uncomfortable for someone of very tall stature, and the engine can sound a little “buzzy” at high speeds. Still, the Fit’s popularity proves that “compact” doesn’t need to equal “chintzy.”

Starting at around $14,500, the Honda Fit is an affordable, fuel-efficient and attractive vehicle. InventHelp’s Invention Girl is certainly going to put this one on my list once new car time comes (but, when that might be is a whole other story)!

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