May 19, 2016 3:43 pm

There are many new everyday products created using the man-made synthetic material of silicone. Silicone is a rubberlike plastic that has a high heat resistance, which is good for products used in the kitchen or bathroom. Check out these innovative inventions made of silicone that also add some bright flare to your household items.

Heat Resistant Gloves

Food, plates and grills are hot! These gloves are made completely of silicone to help you handle hot foods, containers, pans, etc. The Ekogrips can resist temperatures up to 425 degrees. Get ready to grill all summer long with these silicone BBQ gloves.


Clean up your bathroom from cords, makeup and brushes with these silicone holders that hang right off of the sink. They clip to smooth surfaces at the end of desks, vanities, sinks and even some mirrors! It’s perfect to hold hot styling tools like straighteners and curlers because the silicone is heat resistant. Holsters can also be used in the kitchen or office to help organize you space.

Wine Glass

Whether you are having a wine night outside or entertaining, these silicone wine glasses are perfect for any occasion. The glasses are unbreakable and foldable so you can take them on the go! Even if you aren’t a wine drinker these glasses can be used for any liquids and are also ideal for children at dinner time!


Cook, boil, steam and group foods together while heating them in water. The Fusionbrands Foodpod was invented to boil eggs, steam veggies, drain shellfish, cook pasta and more. The silicone basket keeps items together for quick and easy removal from the hot pot.

Food Hugger

Do you go through plastic baggies and saran wrap quickly? These Food Huggers can save you the trouble of running to the grocery store to buy more. This invention was made to make an air tight seal around your fruits, veggies and jars. They can cover almost any can, snack cup or small food item. They even specifically made food huggers for avocados and more!

Mobile Stand

Keep your phone or tablet in place with silicone phone holders and stands. There are a variety of different stands that are able to hold up iPhones and Androids. The stand holders attach to the back of the phone to let the device sit upright. The innovative inventions are perfect for your desk, nightstand, or even your kitchen to look up cooking recipes!

Silicone is a great material that helps you with daily tasks in the kitchen, at the office or in your home bathroom. These flexible silicone products are perfect for your next house party or cookout to entertain your guests!

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