April 26, 2010 2:40 pm

iPod Stereo Oasis Lounger

A favorite pastime of yours truly is listening to music on my iPod. I also love relaxing in the pool on a hot summer afternoon. I can’t forget about getting a nice stress relieving massage at the end of a tough day either! Would enjoying all three at once be too good to be true?

The iPod Stereo Pool Oasis lounger is like inflatable heaven on water. The pool accessory features a built-in waterproof iPod compartment, two 2-watt speakers and a body massager. This means you can float in the pool and soak up the sun while listening to your favorite tunes and get a full body massage at the same time! The massager contains four motors which target the lower and upper back, thighs and calves.  The lounger comes with a conveniently attached remote control that fits in the right armrest. This allows you to control the power and intensity of the massager with a quick push of a button. The control requires only two AA batteries to operate.

I would have never dared to take my beloved mp3 player anywhere near the pool for fear of the tragedy that might ensue. The Pool Oasis is made of .45mm PVC which makes the iPod safe and sound in the raft’s waterproof compartment. This allows music from your iPod’s library to flow through the two speakers placed near the head (which uses an additional two AA batteries). The only real downside of the lounger is that if you want to skip a song, you have to take the mp3 player out of the waterproof area. That’s a little too risky for InventHelp’s Invention Girl so I’ll just have to let the music gods control the playlist.

So it appears that all my favorite things are now rolled up into one big luxurious pool accessory. This is a major upgrade from the foam noodles I grew up with!

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