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When it comes to beauty and health innovations you think of natural at home remedies, skincare products made from different minerals and inventions that help certain lifestyles and medical conditions. In today’s world there are so many different ways to help and protect your body. Technology has a huge role in beauty and health innovations. These five health inventions are products and gadgets that aim to help you live longer and feel better about yourself.

Light Therapy Face Mask

Although it may look and feel a little weird on your face, the illuMask is supposed to help get your skin soft, even, and clear. By wearing the light therapy device 15 minutes per day, the product states that it will stimulate the skin’s cell regeneration, improve collagen and elastin production, and can even out skin tone. The LED lighted mask resembles a hockey mask while performing a light therapy treatment to the skin. The mask has been known to clear up acne and give skin a younger look.

Do My Back

It’s easy to put suntan lotion on your arms, legs, stomach and face, but when it comes to your back you’re moving your body into various contortions trying to reach certain areas. The Do My Back can help with those hard to reach spots to apply body lotion, self-tanner or sunscreen. The handle of the invention extends and swivels for easy access. The device can fold and fit into a drawer or beach bag, and it can be rinsed and reused. This can be a great accessory to take to the beach.


Do you wake up in the morning with wrinkles and marks on your skin from the sheets sticking to your face? SkinGlow bedding has added skin-smoothing ingredients to help people sleep peacefully, as well as reduce wrinkling on the face and skin. The product is dermatologist tested to smooth and reduce skin imperfections in four weeks. The copper ions woven into pillow covers and comforters is said to reduce the skin from the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet and other imperfections. The moisture released from the body while sleeping activates the copper ions to be released, beautifying the skin’s appearance. Forget the moisturizer and face wash when you can get all the skincare you need while you’re sleeping.

Smart Contact Lenses

There are smartphones, smartwatches, smart cars, and now smart contact lenses? Lyndsey Gilpin on TechRepublic reported that Google joined forces with Novartis eye care division to create a contact lens that can monitor your tears. The invention is leaned toward diabetics to check their glucose levels, instead of drawing blood. By wearing the pair of smart contact lenses, diabetics can check their glucose and blood sugar levels through tiny sensors in the lens.

Tanda Zap

When a red little blemish decides to show up for a big occasion like a work presentation or your birthday, your problems might be solved with the Tanda Zap. The little flashlight gadget is a device in which you apply to your skin a few times a day; and your pimples supposedly start to disappear. It, however, doesn’t work for all types of acne but the blue light therapy can come in handy for most users. The Tanda Zap is a blue LED light, ultrasonic vibration with mild heat to help blemishes disappear within 24 hours.

Innovations for health and beauty are created each day by doctors, scientists and everyday inventors to help the needs of skincare, healthy bodies, and basic annoyances such as applying sunscreen to your back. These five inventions are improving beauty and health issues to help you feel better about yourself.

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