October 14, 2010 11:53 am

Halloween is just over two weeks away and InventHelp’s Invention Girl has found five spooky iPhone apps that will be sure to get you in the Halloween spirit. Not only are these apps full of eerie excitement, they’re also all free! BEWARE: Some may be highly addicting.

    • Ghost Pop – Although these ghosts somewhat resemble those from Super Mario, it doesn’t change the fact that this is a fun and addictive game. You have to act fast to make sure you pop the ghosts before they get you! The ghost size can be adjusted from small for greater difficulty to large for easier play. This allows everyone from children to adults to enjoy it.
    • WordSearch Halloween – Solve countless unique Halloween puzzles with three difficulty levels and word categories. Each word category has over 150 words to find and you can either tap or slide for easy word entry. You can also hide the word bank for more of a challenge and post your results online for ranking.
    • iHalloween – This app is full of creepy Halloween sound effects and music. These sounds are perfect to play as trick-or-treaters are approaching to give them a little extra scare. Some of the sound effects include a laughing ghoul, squeaking door, woman screaming and a witch cackle.
    • Halloween Twister – This game is a Halloween inspired mix between Twister and Simon Says for your fingers. You have to act fast and press all the Jack-O-Lantern icons as they appear and do not let go until they disappear. Make sure to avoid pressing other icons that show up and try to trick your mind into pressing them. The game also automatically saves your high scores and gives you the option of posting them online.
    • Haunted Places – Want to check out a real haunted house this Halloween? This app lists over 100 different haunted places in your state. The results are listed in a Google map for easy navigation.


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