March 13, 2008 11:59 am

Green Blogging at InventHelpI’m lucky that I get to blog as InventHelp’s Invention Girl because 1) I get to share with others my insatiable desire for all things electronic 2) blogging means that I don’t have to waste paper.

A career in communications has come a long way since 300-page company status reports and projector slides (as a company formed in the early 1980s, InventHelp definitely knows something about those!). As more and more offices move toward electronic documentation sharing, web-based human resources information and PowerPoint presentations, the direct benefit goes to the environment.

There are no hard statistics on how many sheets of paper a tree can produce (for obvious reasons, such as disparity in tree size and paper thickness), but it’s been estimated that an average pine tree could yield about more than 80,000 sheets of standard printer paper.

How many sheets of paper do you think your office has saved by moving toward electronic documentation? It may be more than you think, and that compounded with other offices moving in the same direction means that plenty of trees are being spared the ax each year.

Now, if you happen to work at a place where you’re still printing out every single thing, talk to your supervisor (if he or she is willing, of course!) about the move toward electronic documentation. One small move done by many can create big change, as we at InventHelp have certainly found out!

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